Monthly Archives: March 2007

Semantics, open access and Freebase

The recent panel on open access/semantic web/web 2.0 at South by Southwest was well attended and prompted  lively discussion. Also, this being South by Southwest, several of the attendees immediately blogged their notes on the panel – handy for those who couldn’t make it to Austin. One interesting coincidence of timing was that right in… Read more »

Publishing Technology

Open Access T-shirts

If you are an advocate of open access to the scientific literature, you can now wear you heart on your sleeve by ordering any of BioMed Central, Chemistry Central  or PhysMath Central’s T-shirts.  If you are an author, editor and/or peer reviewer for one of BioMed Central’s independent journals, we  have created logo T-shirts for each… Read more »


European Research Council grants can include open access publication costs

Some good news for researchers applying for grants from the recently launched European Research Council (ERC).The council’s grant application guidelines confirm that publication costs (such as BioMed Central article processing charges) can be included as part of the direct costs of the grant. ERC funding also includes an indirect component, and  BioMed Central encourages institutions… Read more »