Open Access T-shirts

T shirts

If you are an advocate of open access to the scientific literature, you can now wear you heart on your sleeve by ordering any of BioMed Central, Chemistry Central  or PhysMath Central’s T-shirts. 

If you are an author, editor and/or peer reviewer for one of BioMed Central’s independent journals, we  have created logo T-shirts for each journal. If you have kids (or are a child at heart), we even have open access teddy bears.

As well as looking great and spreading the word about open access, by wearing the T-shirt you will also be helping impove access to digital information in developing countries.  Any sales commissions resulting from T-shirt sales will be donated by BioMed Central to Computer Aid, a charity which specializes in providing refurbished computers to developing countries.

BioMed Central has two online T-shirt stores – which one to use depends on your geographic location.

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