Guest posts are a fantastic way of getting a variety of voices on our blogs. Guest bloggers can be anyone. We have posts from authors and reviewers of articles, research officers at charities, experts in particular fields, our Editors-in-Chief, and more.

How to commission a guest post or Q+A

If you want to ask someone to write a guest post or a Q+A for us, we’ve got some helpful resources on the Hive external communications, blogging space.

  • For guest posts: Our guest blogger guidance. Before sending this, make sure you edit the section in the middle to include some questions that cover off what you’d like them to write about.
  • For Q+As: Our Q+A template. Before sending this, add the Q+A questions into the template.
  • Template emails. If you don’t know the person well, and would like to know what to ask them, these templates are easy to adapt. There are versions for both guest posts and Q+As.

Remember, if you’re asking the person to write about an article that hasn’t yet been published, you’ll need to make sure that you tell them the article is under embargo and mustn’t be shared until after it’s published.

Adding a guest post to WordPress

The process for adding guest posts is very similar to that for adding normal posts. There are instructions and video tutorials for this on our How to publish posts section.

There are two key differences to remember:

  • When you send your post for review, you should also email asking them to set up a guest profile. You should send your guest blogger’s: name, job title, a short profile, photo, and which blog they are writing for.
  • When it comes to publishing your post, one of the Blog Editors, or the Blogs Manager, will need to do this, as the post will need to be changed so that the author displays as the guest blogger.