Dr Noor Safiza Mohamad Nor

Dr Noor Safiza is a Senior Dietitian and a researcher at the Centre of Nutrition Epidemiology Research Centre, Institute for Public Health, Malaysia. Her background is in public health nutrition and dietetics but her research expertise is in nutrition epidemiology research, scoping review methodology, weight loss intervention and qualitative studies.

After receiving her first degree in Food Science, Nutrition & Dietetics and an MSc in Nutrition & Dietetics she received her PhD from Newcastle University, United Kingdom in 2012.

Her recent work focuses on topics related to obesity intervention for adults, urinary mineral excretions among adults and diet management for children with disability. She was the principal investigator for the My Body is Fit and Fabulous at Home (MyBFF@home) project, an intervention study to combat obesity among housewives living in the low-cost housing area in Klang Valley.

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