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PanDrugs: a novel method for prioritization of anticancer drug treatments according to individual genomic profiles.

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An article published today in Genome Medicine showcases a new open-source tool which evaluates the genomic profiles of cancer patients in order to identify opportunities for therapeutic intervention. The authors hope that this novel method will help towards establishing prevention medicine more broadly in hospital settings.

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Clearer guidance needed for pilot and feasibility studies

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With a movement towards feasibility and pilot work in public health interventions, the need for clearer guidance on how best to design, conduct and report such studies is becoming increasingly paramount. Published today in Pilot and Feasibility Studies, a new systematic review of these guidelines finds that there is still substantial work to be done. Here to tell us more is author of the research, Dr Britt Hallingberg.

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Precision medicine taking the individual’s whole genome into consideration

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Precision medicine has the potential to transform drug therapy and patients’ lives. A recent study published in Human Genomics brings us closer to unlocking that potential. Here, the authors discuss how DNA sequencing and can be integrated with novel computational variant assessment methods to improve predictions of drug metabolism and response of individual patients.

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Evaluating the evidence used by the US Food and Drug Administration during the drug approval process


Over the past few years, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has faced continual pressure to accelerate the review and approval of new drugs, in order to promote innovation and provide rapid access to new treatments for patients with serious life-threatening conditions. As expedited review and approval programs have increasingly been adopted for certain drugs, there have been concerns that certain drugs are being approved on the basis of smaller, shorter, and fewer trials. Our study published recently in BMC Medicine aimed to evaluate one component of clinical trial evidence that informs FDA approval decisions for new drugs: the study outcomes.

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Reducing waste in clinical trials – how much do you know about current initiatives?

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In celebration of Clinical Trials Day we’re challenging you with a quiz on recent initiatives to improve trial conduct and reporting, and ultimately reduce waste in research. Take the quiz, share your results and explore what’s underway to maximise the benefits of clinical research.

Interested in what else we are doing to celebrate Clinical Trials Day? Don’t forget to visit our dedicated page.

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