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The challenges of studying the effect of migration on health


In an increasingly globalized world, migration is becoming more and more prevalent. An often overlooked aspect of migration is the effect of a drastically new environment on a migrant’s health. In this blog, authors of an article published in BMC Medicine highlight their work on obesity and diabetes risk to African migrants compared to individuals still living in their native countries.

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Q&A with Professor Olga Golubnitschaja: Predictive, preventive and personalised medicine


Predictive, preventive and personalised medicine (PPPM) means a new culture and an advanced multi-professional approach focused on individual needs of healthy people and patients providing cost-effective solutions for healthcare system as the whole. EPMA (the European Association for Predictive, Preventive and Personalised Medicine) have recently released guidelines and expert recommendations on the importance of shifting healthcare towards PPPM. In this Q&A, first author of the paper and Editor-in-Chief for EPMA Journal, Prof. Dr. Olga Golubnitschaja tells us more about the importance of this issue.


Systematic methods overviews: A rigorous approach for promoting methodological clarity


Pushes to reduce waste in research has turned more attention on the methods we are using and questions on whether they are efficient and effective. In order to address this, new research published today in Systematic Reviews provides guidance on conducting methods overviews—also called reviews of methods – and here, lead author Stephen Gentles discusses their importance and what next steps we need to take to work towards methodological clarity across research designs.

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