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A day in the life of a nephrologist

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Evi Nagler, nephrologist and guideline specialist, identified inconsistencies in guidelines for managing hyponatremia in recent research published in BMC Medicine. For World Kidney Day, we asked her to tell us about a typical day in the life of a nephrologist, how she was inspired to work in nephrology, and some of the challenges she faces.


Modeling chronic diseases through the Synergy-COPD project


This guest blog discusses a supplement published in Journal of Translational Medicine based on the work of Synergy-COPD. The final aim of Synergy-COPD was the development and the application in both research and clinical context of a patient-specific computer based model and simulation by integrating data from different disciplines into biological models via mathematics and its application into a clinical setting.

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Alcohol consumption decreases as we age


How often do you drink? Over the years, are you drinking more or less than before? In this guest post, Annie Britton and Steven Bell, authors of an article published today in BMC Medicine discuss how our drinking patterns change over the life span and what implications this has for public health.

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