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Creating impact – a game of two halves


This is a guest blog by Prof Jonathan Grant, Director of the Policy Institute at King’s College London and Professor of Public Policy. He tells us about his recent experiences publishing with BMC Medicine. Two weeks ago I was involved in the publication of a research article in BMC Medicine that attempted to measure the… Read more »

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A new test to predict breast cancer risk


A simple blood test is currently in development that could help predict the likelihood of a woman developing breast cancer, even in the absence of a high-risk BRCA1 gene mutation, according to research published today in Genome Medicine. So what was found, and what could this mean for future cancer prevention and treatment? Breast cancer… Read more »


Endocrine disorders: the impact of stress and epigenetics

Diabetes control

Endocrine disorders span a range of conditions, from diabetes and thyroid disease to stress-related conditions. Stress has been linked to a number of health problems, with the most recent evidence suggesting its involvement in male infertility, allergies and headache. During the normal stress response, glucocorticoid hormones secreted by the adrenal glands cause several physiological effects,… Read more »


Latest insights into Parkinson’s disease

Nurse helping patient walk down hospital corridor

This month I attended the 18th International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders in the city of Stockholm, Sweden. Organised by the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society, over 4000 researchers and clinicians met to discuss and disseminate research into Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders. In the USA alone it’s estimated that over 40… Read more »


What’s it worth? The economic case for medical research


This has been reposted, with kind permission from the author and the Wellcome Trust. What’s it worth, a report published today in BMC Medicine, is one of the first ever estimates of the economic gains from investment in publicly funded UK cancer research. The research was commissioned by the Wellcome Trust, Academy of Medical Sciences,… Read more »


What is cancer research worth?


A report published today in BMC Medicine has shown that for every £1 the public has spent on cancer research in the UK, 40p has been returned to the country’s economy every year following that investment. In this guest blog, Daniel Bridge of Cancer Research UK – one of the organisations that funded the research… Read more »