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Latest advances in respiratory medicine from the British Thoracic Society 2013 meeting

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Respiratory diseases are one of the major chronic diseases and considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) to cause 60% of mortality worldwide. Significant research is being carried out on the diagnosis, treatment, management and care of patients with lung conditions. Clinical and scientific research on these specific topics were discussed at the recent British… Read more »


CasesDatabase – one year, 30,000 case reports and a whole mine of valuable clinical data


Perceptions of the value of peer-reviewed case reports have shifted significantly in recent years, with increasing interest in making them more widely available. This has led to the creation of a number of journals dedicated solely to case reports, overloading the already crammed ‘to-read’ lists of researchers and clinicians. Although often overlooked when competing with… Read more »

Medical Evidence Medicine

Targeting metabolic pathways: a new therapeutic approach for cancer?

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Although it was first reported that cancer cells have altered metabolism almost a century ago, metabolic pathways have only been recognized as potential therapeutic targets for cancer in recent years. This renewed interest has occurred as researchers have demonstrated that signaling pathways affected by genetic mutations have a profound effect on cancer metabolism. Research into… Read more »


Tropical fever, malaria vaccines and cholera control: BMC Medicine at the ASTMH 62nd annual meeting

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Tropical diseases – illnesses that are prevalent in tropical or subtropical regions – are most commonly spread by insect vectors that carry infectious parasites, bacteria or viruses. The majority of tropical diseases affect the poorest people living in remote areas, and these poverty-promoting chronic infectious diseases have been termed “neglected tropical diseases” (NTDs). It is… Read more »