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Thematic series on stem cell therapy in BMC Medicine

BMC Medicine is seeking submissions of original research offering novel translational and clinical insights into stem cell therapies, to be presented as part of an ongoing stem cell series. With this thematic series, which will have its own dedicated webpage, we aim to highlight some of the most important and topical issues – including recent… Read more »


Stem Cell Research & Therapy's first year

Stem Cell Research & Therapy, the home of translational research into stem cell therapeutics, recently celebrated its first anniversary. In an editorial marking the occasion, Editors-in-Chief Rocky Tuan and Timothy O’Brien look back at some of the highlights of the journal’s first year of publication. Launched in March 2010, Stem Cell Research & Therapy publishes… Read more »


Systematic Reviews journal to increase transparency and innovation in healthcare publishing

“The notion of systematic review – looking at the totality of evidence – is quietly one of the most important innovations in medicine over the past 30 years.” –  Dr Ben Goldacre, award-winning Bad Science columnist and medical doctor, in Testing Treatments Systematic reviews and meta-analyses are widely considered as the highest level of evidence… Read more »

Medical Evidence Medicine

Evaluating cost effectiveness models of vaccine implementation

Vaccinations, generally considered to be the most effective method for preventing infectious diseases, provide protection in terms of human cost, and may also provide good economic value. Cost effectiveness is an important factor for stakeholders in deciding whether to add an additional vaccine into the national vaccination program. Mathematical cost effectiveness models are useful in… Read more »


Sizing up Alzheimer’s disease

Despite being the seventh leading cause of death in the United States and costing the country over $100 billion a year, there remain no proven disease-modifying therapies for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Progress in translating our understanding of the disease into effective therapies is limited when compared, for example, with HIV/AIDS, the causative agents of which… Read more »


Virtual slides – an exciting new addition to Diagnostic Pathology articles

Diagnostic Pathology, BioMed Central’s independent pathology journal, is now offering authors the option to include virtual versions of their figures alongside their articles. Traditionally, pathology figures rely on tissue staining, and reproducing these images faithfully in journal articles can be challenging, leading to some loss of resolution. Including virtual versions of these figures is a… Read more »