Monthly Archives: November 2009

Working together to benefit patients: meeting the challenge

Can we achieve true collaboration between the National Health Service (NHS), academia, industry and consumers? UK government directives have prescribed this activity but in a commentary published this week in Trials, authors Adams and de Lima argue that these groups are yet to fully embrace the challenges of truly working together. Commentary    When worlds collideClive… Read more »


Migraine—Are more effective treatments in sight?

Migraine is a largely inherited neurological disorder leading to a combination of symptoms including headache, visual and aural effects. As any long-time migraine sufferer will tell you, migraine pain is debilitating, and the current treatments are not always very effective. How well do we really understand the mechanism of migraine, and what treatments are available? … Read more »


The impact of networks on UK clinical trials

In the United Kingdom, we have an expectation of high quality, effective health services which are freely available at the point of demand in the form of the National Health Service (NHS). But have recent efforts to ensure a consistent standard of service throughout the UK had knock-on effects on the ability of clinicians to… Read more »