BMC Medicine talks about the future

In June 2009, BMC Medicine received its first
“official” impact factor from Thomson Reuters of 3.28.  To mark this landmark occasion, the BMC
editorial team outline their vision and aims for the journal for
the future in an editorial published this week.

BMC Medicine aims to act as a conduit to connect
biomedical researchers, clinical researchers and practicing clinicians in all
aspects of medicine.  The journal will
help all groups, including the lay public, to get the most out of the research
being conducted today and in the future, and to help guide future research in
the advancement of the management and treatment of human disease while still
providing an excellent and efficient service to our authors.  

Check out the full editorial on our website:

A vision of the future for BMC Medicine: serving science, medicine and authors
Robin L Cassady-Cain, Joanne M Appleford, Jigisha Patel, Mick Aulakh, Melissa L Norton
BMC Medicine 2009, 7:55 (7 October 2009)


We look forward to hearing from our readers and authors
about what further developments they’d like to see in the content for the
journal.  Any emails can be directed to
the BMC
Medicine editorial team

Further, we hope that you will submit your high quality
research to BMC
.  If you are unsure whether
your research or review ideas fall within our scope, we welcome pre-submission

Robin Cassady-Cain

In-house Editor, BMC Medicine.

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