Monthly Archives: January 2008

BMC Medical Genomics publishes first articles

Today sees the publication of the first articles in BMC Medical Genomics. The biological sciences have been transformed by the recent explosion in genomic technology and genome sequencing projects and the next decade will see a similar revolution in medicine. BMC Medical Genomics aims to maximize the visibility and impact of this vital and growing… Read more »


Medscape develops Continuing Medical Education based on open access research articles

Several open access articles published by BioMed Central have recently been used by Medscape to produce Continuing Medical Education (CME) material.  These articles span a broad range of specialties, including general practice, psychiatry, surgery, endocrinology, and preventive medicine.  It is wonderful to see open access research being used in this way to create CME. A… Read more »


Alzheimer’s article in Journal of Neuroinflammation catches media attention

An article reporting a reversal of Alzheimer’s symptoms has captured the attention of science journalists around the globe. The case report, published in the Journal of Neuroinflammation, describes a dramatic reversal of Alzheimer’s symptoms in a patient following treatment using the anti-tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF) therapeutic, etanercept. Coverage has included a 3 minute broadcast feature … Read more »