Critical Care publishes video case report

In Critical Care, BioMed Central’s most widely read
journal, Miran Brvar and Matjaz Bunc have recently published a video case report.

The authors accompany their
brief report with video evidence of dantrolene effectiveness in reducing
muscular rigidity, tremor and cogwheel phenomena in a patient with neuroleptic
malignant syndrome.

All BioMed Central journals allow movies and/or animations to be included as additional files, and allow movies to be viewed in the context of the article. There is no charge for color figures, nor is there any page limit for most article types.

Critical Care is a high quality, peer-reviewed, international
clinical medical journal which welcomes submissions of research articles relevant to intensive/critical care. We also encourage case report authors to consider BioMed Central’s recently launched Journal of Medical
Case Reports
which publishes original, peer-reviewed case reports in all medical disciplines.

Iain Hrynaszkiewicz

In-house Editor
Critical Care

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