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Controlling epidemics using mobile phone data


Mobile data can be (and has been) used to study a vast number of subjects related to human behavior. One of its potential applications is on epidemics, a complex field that is informed not only by healthcare, but also social interactions and human mobility. In this blog post, Stefania Rubrichi explains the context in which her team used a real mobile phone dataset in an attempt to better understand and tackle the spread of diseases. Their study was just published in the journal EPJ Data Science.

Health Technology

Research into wellness for refugees (and the rest of us)


“Now more than ever, we need to stand with refugees”: that was the United Nations’s official theme on this year’s World Refugee Day.

A desire for health and wellness is one of many (many, many) qualities common to humans, displaced or not—and in recent months, the Journal of International Humanitarian Action has published a slew of novel research relevant to the physical and emotional health of refugees.