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World No Tobacco Day: Q&A with Mathieu Morissette and Riccardo Polosa

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World No Tobacco Day, which falls on the 31st May, is organized by the World Health Organisation to raise awareness of the devastating effects of tobacco on health and to advocate the implementation of policies aimed at reducing tobacco consumption. To mark the occasion, we discussed on-going research around tobacco consumption and alternatives to smoking with Prof Riccardo Polosa and Prof Mathieu Morissette. If you are interested in reading more on the topic, take a look at this Respiratory Research thematic series on e-cigarettes.


Global and local perspectives on tobacco harm reduction – an interview with Sharon Cox


Harm Reduction Journal recently published its thematic series, “Global and local perspectives on tobacco harm reduction”. I spoke to Guest Editor of the series, Dr Sharon Cox, who is a Research Fellow at London South Bank University’s Centre for Addictive Behaviours Research. Sharon has a special interest in tobacco harm reduction, particularly its impact on disadvantaged groups.


E-cigarettes affect lung biology, even in those who’ve never smoked


Research into the potential health effects of e-cigarettes has so far focused on in vitro studies or on users who are ex-cigarette smokers. But how do e-cigarettes affect people who have never smoked before? A new study published in Respiratory Research finds that in a small sample of volunteers, smoking e-cigarettes lead to clear changes in lung biology, suggesting further research is needed before we label e-cigarettes as harmless.