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Asymptomatic carriers of Plasmodium spp: to treat or not to treat?

Malaria screening

Since 2000, thanks to global effort, substantial progress has been made in reducing malaria worldwide. However, some countries in West Africa remain a hotspot for malaria infections with all age groups at risk. In an urban context of transmission, a high proportion of human hosts can harbor silent malaria infections. A recent study published in Infectious Diseases of Poverty discusses why we may need to be screening for asymptomatic carriers of malaria.


Is it the menopause or is it stress?


There is currently a great deal of research interest in the question of whether menopause impacts upon middle-aged women’s work outcomes, but so far the evidence is inconclusive. Recently published Women’s Midlife Health, new research finds that rather than menopausal status, work outcomes were mostly associated with job stress and aspects of the work environment in mid-aged women.