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Patient Reported Outcomes: a new open access journal


The Journal of Patient-Reported Outcomes (JPRO) is a new open access journal that recently opened for submissions. We invited the founding Co-Editors-in-Chief of the journal, Professor Dennis Revicki and Professor David Feeny, to discuss the launch of the new journal sponsored by the International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL). This blog relates to a Springer Open journal and was originally published on the Springer Open Blog.

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HIV and pork tapeworm: Does one disease affect the other?


In our clinical and research activities on Taenia solium in Africa, we noticed a good number of patients with neurocysticercosis also had HIV/AIDS. There are many scientific articles reporting the impact of coinfections of diseases in humans.  For instance, individuals with HIV/AIDS seem to be more likely to contract malaria or even some soil-transmitted helminthic disease.


Connecting the dots on World AIDS Day with the European Joint Action to end HIV


This blog, co-authored by EU Joint Action on HIV and Co-infection Prevention and Harm Reduction (HA-REACT) coordinator Mika Salminen and steering committee member Jeff Lazarus, gives us an overview of events and news from the 2nd Partnership Forum for HA-REACT in Riga, Latvia. The Forum was held on 2-3 November 2016 with 52 associated and collaborating partners attending from 17 European countries for presentations and discussions. Important updates from each of the partners on topics ranging from testing and linkage-to-care, to harm reduction topics, to integrated care of people who inject drugs, to sustainability and long-term funding were covered and the Forum helped partners connect the dots between the major Joint Action themes.


HIV Stigma and the Criminal Law


December 1st marks World AIDS Day, an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died. Matthew Weait, from the University of Portsmouth, writes here on how stigma and the law affect the lives of people with HIV.