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Journal of Eating Disorders – the first 365 days


      Today marks the first anniversary of the launch of Journal of Eating Disorders. To celebrate this important milestone in the journal’s history, Editors-in-Chief Phillipa Hay and Stephen Touyz have written an anniversary editorial, describing the achievements of the last year, and the future outlook of the journal. Over the past 365 days,… Read more »


The nutrition transition, a global public health problem: Call for papers

Archives of Public Health is inviting submissions for a new thematic series entitled ‘the nutrition transition, a global public health problem‘ guest edited by Dr Stefanie Vandevijvere, University of Auckland School of Population Health. Diets in the Western world began to shift in the 1970’s towards increased reliance upon processed foods. The same changes also… Read more »


Social security matters to farmers

Chinese landless farmer

Rapid urbanization causes farmers to sell their land to reduce the cost of moving into a city. These ‘landless farmers’ are in need of social security, a program that uses public funds to provide economic support to its citizens, as they have lost their primary source of income. This is an important social issue and… Read more »


Chinese social media reaction to disease outbreaks

IDP logo

Studying the geographical distribution of diseases over the internet is a hot trending topic in digital epidemiology. Epidemiologists have begun to use online data (such as Twitter trends) to track the activity levels of infectious diseases, as social media is a good method of measuring public awareness to disease outbreaks. A recently published article in… Read more »

Health Medicine

Important Risk Factors for Purging in Young Women

Image: Flickr by kevygee

This is a guest blog post by Eric Stephen and Jennifer Rose, co-authors of the latest research article on adolescent risk factors for purging in young women published in the Journal of Eating Disorders. Over the past several years, purging behaviors—such as vomiting and laxative misuse—have received increased scientific attention both as symptoms of eating… Read more »