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The health effects of mentholated cigarettes

Menthol is an organic compound which is now widely used in a variety of products due to its anesthetic and counterirritant qualities. Since the 1920s, menthol has been added to cigarettes and it is estimated that, approximately one quarter of all cigarettes sold in the United States today have the descriptor “menthol” on the cigarette… Read more »


31 May 2011: World No Tobacco Day

Tobacco use is an epidemic of global proportions and one of the biggest public health threats of the 21st Century. According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), tobacco use kills more than 5 million people each year and is responsible for 1 in 10 adult deaths worldwide. Over the course of the 20th… Read more »


The ultimate price for poor access to health information

  The ‘noughties’ era is undisputedly associated with a technology boom, rather than the under-representative term ‘growth,’ and subsequent information share. Because of this it can only be called shameful that in 2011 people continue to die because healthcare workers do not have the access they need to life-saving information.  Healthcare Information for All (HIFA2015)… Read more »

Developing World Health Open Access