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Driving under age: assessing the behavior of older adults behind the wheel


With the increasing average age of many populations, the growing number of older drivers can be cause for safety concern. Dr. Qian (Chayn) Sun and colleagues analyzed driving behavior using an interdisciplinary approach, and concluded that an individual’s ability to drive depends on much more than their age. The study was published in the European Transport Research Review.

Biology Health

The curious case of the naked mole-rat: defying conventions of aging and reproduction


Amongst the many characteristics of the fascinating naked mole-rat is an exceptionally long lifespan in relation to body size, making it an outlier among mammals together with humans. Two recent studies published in BMC Biology address the questions of how naked mole-rats can live so long and maintain an exceptional reproductive capability, and if naked mole-rats actually do show any sign of aging. Lead authors of those studies, Martin Bens and Alessandro Ori, explain their findings.