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The Crowd: our newest weapon in the fight against Alzheimer’s


Alzheimer’s research breakthroughs cannot come fast enough, which is why we need approaches that break the rules and find new proactive ways to fight the disease that affects all of us. In this guest post, Egle M. Ramanauskaite of the Human Computation Institute (HCI), tells us how a new Alzheimer’s citizen science game – Stall Catchers – is aiming to achieve just that.

Biology Technology

Talking to your car can drive you to distraction


A new study in the Psychonomic Society’s Cognitive Research: Principles & Implications (CRPI), led by David Strayer and colleagues at the University of Utah, looked into what kinds of interactive media systems for cars are more distracting, and for which demographics, as well as whether a system’s difficulty can be overcome, and how long the effects of distraction linger.


Past climate changes, population dynamics and the origin of Bison in Europe


During the last 50,000 years in Europe, Bison have experienced population expansion, contraction and extinction as a result of environmental and climatic changes. In this new BMC Biology study, Eva-Maria Geigl and her team have sequenced the mitochondrial DNA of 57 specimens to reveal that three populations of bison occupied western Europe in correlation with climate induced environmental changes.