Monthly Archives: April 2013

Open access and the need to turn data into knowledge

BMC Biology began ten years ago, and BioMed Central three years earlier, right at the beginning of open-access publishing in biology. As part of BMC Biology’s 10-year anniversary, Editorial Board member Pat Brown (right) talks about the origins of open access and the circumstances that led him to become one of the early open access… Read more »


Highlighting need for climate smart agricultural policies


Agriculture & Food Security publishes a new thematic series on ‘Climate Smart Agriculture’. Global warming represents one of the greatest threats to society worldwide. The dual burden of climate change coupled with exponentially increasing populations means that our agricultural systems are under increasing pressure to produce food in unstable environmental conditions. The struggle to reach… Read more »


Is the centrosome necessary?

Edouard Van Beneden and Theodor Boveri first described the centrosome as “the organ for cell division” in the 1880s, so you might think it is an essential component of cells. Not so, according to Monica Bettencourt-Dias in her Question and Answer article in BMC Biology, where she assembles accumulating recent evidence that despite its apparent… Read more »


EMBLEM activities


A new short video has just been released highlighting Burkitt Lymphoma and EMBLEM activities in this area, including information on the Workshop in Mwanza last September. The video was a collaborative project bringing local groups together to empower and recognize people who are working in the Burkitt Lymphoma area. The animation in the video was… Read more »


Tracking the launch of Animal Biotelemetry


Animal Biotelemetry, a new open access journal published by BioMed Central has launched today. This new journal aims to support the telemetry community by providing a single home for this research and disseminating findings widely across all users of tagging telemetric technology. Through recent advances in technology, there has been an acceleration in the uses… Read more »