Monthly Archives: March 2011

Journal of Nanobiotechnology – tracked by Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters have accepted Journal of Nanobiotechnology, the first fully open access journal in this burgeoning research area, for Impact Factor tracking. Journal of Nanobiotechnology is now tracked from Volume 9 (2011) and the high quality of the content is reflected by a predicted Impact Factor of 5.09. In October 2010, Professor Fernando Patolsky (University… Read more »


Centrosome Research takes centre stage

Discovered in 1888, and introduced to generations of scientists during school lessons on mitosis, the centrosome is a small but essential organelle, organizing microtubules and regulating cell-cycle progression in animal cells. Previously overlooked, the key role of the centrosome in regulating both normal cell division and asymmetrical cell division is now becoming clearer. It is… Read more »


The Dictyostelium purpureum genome: insights into the evolution of multicellularity

In this month’s issue of Genome Biology, Igor V. Grigoriev, Adam Kuspa and colleagues present the genome of Dictyostelium purpureum, a close relative (by around 400 million years) of Dictyostelium discoideum, the model Dictyostelid. Until relatively recently, these interesting organisms were commonly known as slime molds; however they have now been classified as bona fide… Read more »