Monthly Archives: March 2010

Journal of Biomedical Semantics publishes first articles

Journal of Biomedical Semantics was launched today, aiming to address the barriers to access and integration of data in the public domain that can hinder reanalysis. Semantics are essential for mining and analyzing data and the ability to manage semantic representations is vital for making computational approaches productive for a large community. The first articles… Read more »


Kurth & Bannert's "Retroviruses" book

A few weeks ago, I was sent a book “Retroviruses: Molecular Biology, Genomic, and Pathogenesis” ( ) edited by Reinhard Kurth and Norbert Bannert.  I was asked to make a few comments about this book and to publicize it in the Retrovirology blog.  Certainly, Retrovirology blog is an appropriate venue to bring to the attention… Read more »


False duplications in genome assemblies

David Kelley and Steven Salzberg at the University of Maryland have developed a pipeline to correct misassembles due to false duplications, in a study published today in Genome Biology. Diploid genomes harbour a significant amount of variation between homologous chromosomes. This causes problems for genome assembly algorithms which may construct two DNA sequences corresponding to… Read more »


Normalizing RNA-seq data

Genome Biology recently published an article from Alicia Oshlack and colleagues in which they describe an approach for performing Gene Ontology analysis on RNA-seq data. RNA-seq is an emerging technology for monitoring gene expression levels by directly sequencing the mRNA molecules in a sample, and is likely to overtake microarrays as the technique of choice… Read more »