Monthly Archives: February 2010

Neural Systems & Circuits is now accepting submissions!

 Neural Systems & Circuits, a new open access journal focusing on systems and computational neuroscience, is now accepting submissions. Neural Systems & Circuits aims to publish exciting research on how individual neurons interact at the network level to perform interesting computations, and welcomes studies combining theory and experiment, reports of technical or analytical innovations and large-scale… Read more »


Pea aphid immune system genomics

Today an annotation of the pea aphid immune system has been published in Genome Biology by Nicole Gerardo and colleagues. This coincides with the publication of the draft pea aphid genome sequence from the International Aphid Genomics Consortium in PLoS Biology. Due to its unusual process of metamorphosis the pea aphid provides interesting insights into… Read more »


Barcoded libraries for 454 sequencing

In a paper recently published in Genome Biology, Robert Nicol and colleagues from the Broad Institute in Massachusetts, report a new method for reducing the time and cost associated with 454 sequencing. The recent revolution in next-generation sequencing technologies impacted significantly on the genomics field, dramatically reducing the cost of sequencing large genomes, such as… Read more »