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Happy Holiday Season and Great 2010

The Holiday Season is very close by and in few days the new year 2010 will replace the ending 2009. I did not write yet any Greetings card, but I received quite few of them. Among them the one sent from the Corti Foundation has been very particular and I would like to share it with you.  … Read more »


Retrovirology article discussed in amfAR eNews

Below is an article from amfAR eNews. Animal Model Enables Researchers to Track the Evolution of HIV Jeffrey Laurence, M.D., and Rowena Johnston, Ph.D.  December 15, 2009—Successful treatment of HIV infection is often hampered by the development of mutated, drug-resistant strains of the virus. HIV mutates extremely rapidly because of its high rate of growth… Read more »


Can plausibility be quantified?

As the probability of a specific occurrence or outcome tends towards 0 it becomes less likely, but even the most unlikely events rarely attain classification as an absolute impossibility. However, there appears to be a need to address the misunderstanding that theoretical possibility is the same as plausibility, if only to save the funds spent,… Read more »


MEM – a useful tool for searching microarray data

Over recent years the use of microarrays has generated vast amounts of gene expression data.  However, these data are not readily accessible, particularly if you want to compare data from different studies. In a paper just published in Genome Biology, Jaak Vilo and colleagues at the University of Tartu, Estonia, have come up with a… Read more »