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Proclamation of World AIDS Day 2009 by President Obama

The following is the Proclamation of World AIDS Day 2010 by US President Barack Obama. November 25, 2009 Presidential Proclamation– World AIDS Day A PROCLAMATION Our Nation joins the world in celebrating the extraordinary advancements we have made in the battle against HIV and AIDS, and remembering those we have lost. Over the past three… Read more »


Designer probiotics: the future or too much to stomach?

Although the benefits of probiotics have been postulated for more than 100 years, there has been an increasing interest in the effects of probiotics on ill health and general well being over recent years. Studies have shown positive outcomes of probiotics in the treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal infections and disease. But are generic probiotics… Read more »


Biological adventures into the world of cloud computing

Cloud computing is becoming an increasingly popular phenomenon in the world of computing. Analysing data in ‘the cloud’ involves using a self-service internet infrastructure, where you pay-as-you-go and use only what you need, all managed by the third party provider, typically Amazon or Google. This technology has so far not been utilised for biological computing… Read more »


Citations to Retrovirology articles continue to trend positively

We and others have made the point that a much better measure of scientific importance is reflected in actual citation numbers rather than in the often difficult to understand term “Impact Factor” (see ).  Accordingly, it is informative to consider periodically how total citations to Retrovirology as a journal stack up.  Below, you will see… Read more »


The Coral genetic linkage map – an essential resource for Coral biology

Coral reefs are diverse marine ecosystems. Overfishing, pollution and the effects of climate change including, ocean acidification (as a result of rising carbon dioxide levels) are destroying these precious environments. Reefs are being lost at an alarming rate and understanding whether/how coral can adapt to these changes could provide clues for aiding their preservation. In… Read more »


Changing patterns of investment in biofuels

The research and development of biofuels is beginning to attract investment from large international companies, including those traditionally associated with their fossil fuel predecessors. A series of news articles published in Nature evaluate recent shifts in interest and investment in jatropha and algae as biofuel feedstocks, as well as techniques to produce cellulosic ethanol and… Read more »