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Leading or lagging indicator of scientific achievement?

In a piece of writing entitled "Bright Scientists, Dim Notions" published in the New York Times on October 28, 2007, writer George Johnson raises several examples of jarring and perplexing pronouncements made by a few past Nobel laureates including James Watson, Francis Crick, Kary Mullis, Fred Hoyle, and Brian Josephson.  George Johnson’s piece can be accessed… Read more »


Retrovirology launches its own blog

Retrovirology recently launched its own journal blog to keep readers up to date with all the latest news in the field. Items have already been posted regarding a final call for nominations for the 2007 M. Jeang Retrovirology prize, and a new HTLV-1 Tax website. Retrovirology considers articles on all aspects of basic retrovirus research,… Read more »


Retrovirology prize deadline

Nomination deadline is approaching for the 2007 M. Jeang Retrovirology prize. Individuals who are interested in making a nomination for this prize should be reminded that the deadline is October 31st, 2007. Please go to to read the instructions on how to make a nomination. More information can also be obtained by contacting KT… Read more »


HTLV-1 Tax web site

A new HTLV-1 Tax web site has gone online.  It can be found at   This site is being administered by Ralph Grassmann, Pat Green, Kuan-Teh Jeang, Fatah Kashanchi, Susan Marriott, John Seemes and Luc Willems.  The site aims to disseminate the latest scientific findings relevant to the HTLV-1 Tax oncoprotein.  Please visit the web… Read more »


Announcing the launch of Journal of Biological Engineering

We are pleased to announce the launch of Journal of Biological Engineering, a new, open access, independent journal, which covers all aspects of biological engineering. The journal is the official publication of the Institute of Biological Engineering. Biological engineering is an emerging discipline that encompasses engineering theory and practice connected to and derived from the… Read more »