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Wolbachia as a weapon in the war against malaria

Wolbachia from scott ONeill

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has just celebrated the tenth anniversary of its Grand Challenges in Global Health Programme. One of the original projects that holds great promise of success is Scott O’Neill’s plan to combat the spread of dengue fever. His objective is to introduce bacteria that can inhibit the development of the… Read more »


The BSP’s autumn symposium 2014, Disease Ecology

Media city

This year’s British Society for Parasitology (BSP) autumn symposium was held in Salford at the highly futuristic Media city, University of Salford. On this occasion the BSP collaborated with the British Ecology Society to focus on the topic of Disease Ecology- ecosystems, wildlife and human health. The outcome was a jam-packed couple of days comprising some… Read more »


Dengue Fever: a tropical disease coming to Europe. Well-founded concern and the need for concerted action


Guest Post by Maha Bouzid at the University of East Anglia Dengue is a viral disease endemic in tropical and subtropical regions, transmitted by the bite of mosquito vectors (Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus). The World Health Organisation estimates that 50 million new cases occur worldwide every year. While the infection is typically associated with febrile… Read more »


Happy Birthday BugBitten

Bugbitten anniversary

  We are delighted to announce our first birthday. BugBitten was launched exactly a year ago today as a blog for the parasitology and vector-borne disease community. Its objective is to highlight and discuss exciting developments in these areas in a manner accessible to those who were not necessarily in the immediate fields. With this… Read more »