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BMC Ecology and Evolution attends The International Association for Ecology Congress 2022


This year BMC Ecology and Evolution followed the INTECOL 2022 congress online. INTECOL aims to act as an international advocate for the science of ecology. The association has held a congress once every four years for the past 13 years, attracting ecologists from around the world. With over 670 talks and 120 poster presentations, the 2022 congress provided a valuable opportunity to hear about the latest research, gain new perspectives and build relationships.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: improve global diagnostic rates to reduce breast cancer mortality

close up of hands and pink cancer awareness ribbon

Breast Cancer Awareness Month runs for the whole of October and, once again, reveals the severity of this disease, and the huge impact this has on patients’ lives, and sheds light on the urgent need of developing effective global diagnostic measures to reduce healthcare inequalities and promote breast cancer control worldwide. This is well highlighted in a collection of articles curated by BMC Cancer, which showcases some of the latest research on the improvement of breast cancer screening programs and early diagnosis.

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