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Highlights of the BMC Series: August 2020

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Virtual reality video promotes effectiveness in advance care planning • Changes in sedentary behavior in European Union adults • Analyses of key genes involved in Arctic adaptation in polar bears • Improving the impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions during COVID-19 • Protocol registration issues of systematic review and meta-analysis studies

Biology Health Medicine

What influences NHS Health Check behaviors?

National Health Service Health Checks were introduced in 2009 to reduce cardiovascular disease (CVD) risks and events. Since then, national evaluations have highlighted the need to maximize the program’s impact by improving coverage and outputs. A systematic review published today in BMC Public Health identifies behaviors and actors relevant to uptake, delivery and follow up of NHS Health Checks and influences on these behaviors.


Addressing the issue of preventing hearing loss and tinnitus through recreational noise exposure


Recreational noise exposure can be reduced through adoption of hearing protection behaviors, but very little is known how successful interventions have been at changing these behaviors. A systematic review published in BMC Public Health looks at what has already been attempted in terms of preventative interventions, and highlights areas of future development. Author Michael Loughran tells us more.


Time to get moving!

In a recent BMC Nephrology article, Bogataj et al. examines the effect of intradialytic cycling and functional training on dialysis adequacy and other biochemical parameters. Should clinicians be writing an exercise prescription for hemodialysis patients? In our next BMC Nephrology blog, Blog Editor Dr. Daphne Knicely looks at the benefits of exercise in hemodialysis patients.