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Highlights of the BMC Series: October 2018


Effect of pulsed transcranial ultrasound stimulation at different number of tone-burst on cortico-muscular coupling • Procedural pain in children: a qualitative study of caregiver experiences and information needs • The BMC Series’ newest journal for the physical sciences, Mechanical Engineering, is now open to submissions • A highly parallel strategy for storage of digital information in living cells • AIChE Annual Meeting 2018: An interview with the chair of BMC Chemical Engineering on the importance of publishing, and benefits of open access • Investigating the growing trend of non-drinking among young people; analysis of repeated cross-sectional surveys in England 2005–2015 • Access to palliative care for homeless people: complex lives, complex care.

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What is inside the head of the fossil predatory fish †Saurichthys?

Fossil of Saurichthys

In the Late Permian to Middle Jurassic period, a group of predatory ray-finned fishes known as †Saurichthyiformes swam the oceans. †Saurichthyiformes have been previously thought to be a distant evolutionary relative of modern day sturgeons and paddlefishes. New research published in BMC Evolutionary Biology studies the internal cranial anatomy of the Early Triassic fish †Saurichthys, leading to findings that cast doubt over the historically favored phylogenetic position of †Saurichthyiforms.