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A call for unity at TERMIS 2018


BMC Biomedical Engineering recently attended the 2018 TERMIS World Congress, jointly held by the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society and the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine, in Kyoto, Japan. This triennial meeting attracted more than 2,300 speakers and 2,000 delegates from 52 countries, including a wide range of industry and regulatory representatives. Below we offer a glimpse into the meeting’s highlights.

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Highlights of the BMC series: August 2018


• Preventing antibiotic-associated diarrhea using probiotics • Men’s suicidality in Norway • Life history traits in a capital breeding pine caterpillar • Palliative care in intensive care units • Emotion regulation and its relation to symptoms of anxiety and depression in children • A new journal in the BMC Series

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Using a biological framework to resolve the early stages of linguistic divergence


The diversity observed between different present day languages have interested academics for centuries. It has been proposed that this arises partly from dialects that develop in populations that become isolated, which then evolves into a different language over time. Here, Terhi Honkola describes the work conducted by herself and colleagues, now published in BMC Evolutionary Biology, into whether isolation of speaker populations and the local environment really does contribute to language diversity.