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How do you solve a problem in palaeoproteomics?

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The field of palaeoproteomics holds great potential for archaeologists and evolutionary biologists. In a paper recently published in BMC Evolutionary Biology, Frido Welker of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig investigated the efficacy of error-tolerant searches for palaeoproteomic studies, highlighting some potential problems and solutions for studying whole proteomes from ancient hominin species.

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Hawaiian spiders teach us about how explosive diversification happens


Adaptive radiation is the evolutionary process whereby a single ancestor can rapidly diverge into a wide variety of species according to different environmental conditions. It is a poorly understood process due to a lack of information on the critical early stage of divergence. Here, Darko Cotoras describes research published in BMC Evolutionary Biology performed by himself and colleagues that provides a missing link in the process of adaptive radiation.