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Unveil the mist of pain: Frontiers in pain research

nerve cell

Pain, an unpleasant feeling and physical and psychological burden for patients, has drawn the attention of dedicated scientists trying to tackle the problem from both basic and clinical angles. To understand where we are in pain research, we invited Dr. Xu Zhang, an expert on this topic, to share with us the most cutting-edge pain research strategy, how researchers may benefit from Big Data-driven research, and how basic and clinical researches are combined in pain research.


The human brain atlas: present and future


The human brain contains hundreds of cortical and subcortical areas with different structures and functions, making it rather challenging to accurately define these areas and map their functions and connections. Decades of studies have advanced the development of brain atlases, the most recent being the Brainnetome Atlas reported in Cerebral Cortex. In an interview with Springer Nature, Professor Tianzi Jiang, Section Editor of BMC Neuroscience, introduces this new human brain atlas, and discusses the future of its research and application.

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