Monthly Archives: September 2017

Behind the Image: Camera-shy Octupi

Can you see it yet? You’d be forgiven for thinking this was just an image of coral but it is, in fact, an octopus marvelously camouflaging itself. Michelle Achlatis, from the University of Queensland in Australia, took this shot – the Editor’s pick in the BMC Ecology Image Competition – while scuba-diving and here she tells us about her encounter with this bashful mollusc.


Possible effects of raising tobacco taxes across the EU


Increasing cigarette prices through taxation could reduce cigarette consumption and smoking related deaths across EU countries. This is according to a study published today in BMC Public Health which modelled a 10% tax increase on tobacco. Here to tell us about the model, how different EU countries would be affected, and the potential policy implications is Christian Schafferer, author of the article.