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Highlights of the BMC-series: June 2017


Results-free peer review • consumption of wine and glass size • euthanasia for psychiatric disorders or dementia • gut microbial colonization and asthma development • physical activity in seniors with dogs • high fructose corn syrup drinks and coronary heart disease • monitoring 3D spheroids using beetle luciferase-expressing hepatocytes • toxic effects of iron oxide nanoparticles

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What makes a successful species? Traits facilitating survival in altered tropical forests


As tropical forests across the globe are increasingly reduced to remnant fragments due to human activity, many species are threatened with extinction. Yet other species continue to thrive in these altered habitats; what makes them better able to withstand the change in their environment? In this guest blog, Mareike Petersen and Mark-Oliver Rödel discuss their new research, recently published in BMC Ecology, that uncovers the reasons why some species can thrive where most will struggle.