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Eating disorders: the importance of early intervention


This week is #EDAW2017. Every year Eating Disorders Awareness Week takes place at the end of February with the laudable aim to inform as many people as possible about these challenging disorders. The theme for this year’s EDAW is early intervention. Here, Secondo Fassino, Section editor of BMC Psychiatry’s dedicated Eating disorders section tells us why getting people into treatment as quickly as possible is so important

Health Medicine

Metabolic changes associated with aging skin: genomics reveals anti-aging targets

Human skin

The biological effects of aging are challenges which we all have to face. For many of us, a great aesthetic concern is the impact of aging on the skin. These effects are a result of our hormonal changes, combined with external factors such as smoking habits and UV exposure. An article recently published in BMC Genomics provides new insight into metabolic adaptations and transcriptional regulation during aging of human skin


Healthy living: highlights of 2016

Losing weight, switching to a healthier diet and lifestyle, as well as exercising more, are some of the most common New Year’s resolutions – have you kept yours? These are some of the topics covered, among a variety of others, in 2016 by BMC Nutrition, BMC Obesity, and BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation. The selection of articles highlighted below suggest you should stick to your New Year’s resolutions throughout the whole year.