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Active parenting behaviors of the Caribbean spiny lobster

Caribbean spiny lobster, Panulirus argus

Explaining the wide range of animals’ parental behaviors remains an important issue in evolutionary biology. In this blog post, we discuss an article recently published in BMC Zoology that studies the parenting patterns of the Caribbean spiny lobster. It also identifies a predator worm and describes its impact on the lobster egg populations.


Behind the Image: The Great Spotted Woodpecker


As beautiful as he may be, this great spotted woodpecker is not the star of this show. By perching on tree trunks, these birds disperse many species of bryophytes – a perfect example of multiple species interacting with each other. Editor’s pick, César Garcia, tells us more about his winning image.


Highlights of the BMC-series: August 2016


The launch of BMC Zoology • ‘Exergaming’ vs. the gym • Sex specific response to kitten cries • Dying online • The tumor as an organ • Sexless cucumbers • Prescription drug abuse • Cockroaches in disguise • Improvements in stroke treatment • The mysteries of the sticky Hydra

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