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Survey response rates: all about the money?


Surveys and questionnaires sent to patients, clinicians and the general public provide valuable data to researchers, but they often suffer from poor response rates which reduces their usefulness. BMC Medical Research Methodology has published a selection of articles over the past year, investigating how factors such as financial incentives can be used to improve response rates for both the general public and specifically for healthcare professionals. The research has also looked at how this can be balanced with the cost of the study to provide cost-effective solutions.

Medical Evidence

Highlights of the BMC-series: July 2016


Eliminating vices • Updating the model of hybridogenesis in water frogs • Four eyes: conjoined twins in salmon • Birth records suggest early risk factors for obesity • ABC’s of plant transporters • A second look at statistics • Aiming for “resilience” in injury rehabilitation • Sedentary behavior in and out of school

Biology Medicine

Sniffing out a new mouse model for investigating Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the most prominent type of dementia in the aged population. About 30 million people are estimated to develop the disease in the next 30 years and the financial as well as social burden will be of immense size. Therefore, establishing successful therapeutic strategies is an urgent need. This requires appropriate research models… Read more »

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