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Replication and reproducibility in psychology: The debate continues


The Royal Society in London was recently host to Replication and Reproducibility in Psychology. The event, co-organized by the British Psychological Society, the Experimental Psychology Society and the Association of Heads of Psychology Departments, was a positive and upbeat afternoon’s debate prompted by growing evidence which has highlighted the difficulty in reproducing published psychological findings.

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How the tiger shark lost its placenta


Tiger sharks are notorious for having the widest food range of any shark, eating anything from fish, to birds, to dolphins. Less well-known, but equally unusual, they are one of the few species who have evolved to lose the placenta with which both their ancestors and living relatives feed their developing young. As shown by new research, published this week in BMC Evolutionary Biology, this dramatic shift in reproductive strategy has left clear footprints in the tiger shark’s genes.


Canine epilepsy: the importance of high quality studies


Back in 2014, we published a blog detailing the difficulties encountered when conducting a systematic review of canine epilepsy treatment. Two years on and the group from the Royal Veterinary College are still working hard to gain insight into the safety and efficacy of anti-epileptic drugs. In BMC Veterinary Research this month, the group have published the first ever systematic review and meta-analysis of the adverse effects of anti-epileptic drugs in dogs, but have experienced similar issues.


FDA proposes sodium reduction guidelines


With the recent introduction of voluntary sodium-reduction targets for processed and commercially prepared food by the FDA, we take a look at some articles published in BMC Public Health which have explored the topic of dietary salt reduction interventions.


Highlights of the BMC Series: May 2016


Attitudes to incorporating genomic risk assessments into population screening programs • Clinical decision-making and secondary findings in systems medicine • To share or not to share? • Patient and interest organizations’ views on personalized medicine • Survival of the oldest • Sour grapes • The Holy Grail • Bringing home more than memories…Olympics 2016 • You’ve got mail! • A personalized puzzle • How safe are anti-epileptic drugs in canine epilepsy – who knows?

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Our Section Editor of the year: Sharon Lawn from BMC Psychiatry


Every year, both BMC-series Section Editors and Editors of our society and proprietary titles are nominated by BioMed Central staff for an award that acknowledges their hard work and achievements throughout the year. This year Sharon Lawn from BMC Psychiatry was voted as Section Editor of the year so we asked her a few questions about her career and what she thinks makes a good Section Editor.

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