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Highlights of the BMC series: March 2016

BMC series highlights

Anxiety and depression in the LGB community • Why do 11-year-olds drink? • Co-infection of mosquito borne viruses • Gender associated mandible size • Animal response to climate change • Why freebirth? • Children’s HIV treatment • Attitudes to genetic research


Keep dancing… it turns out it is good for the brain

Dancing is good fro the brain

Picking up choreography can seem like a brain teaser. Interpreting which arm, which leg, which direction even, can lead to legs and arms everywhere except for the very position they should be in. This can be frustrating, but keep dancing, as research suggests that learning new steps could prevent dementia.


Obesity among the working population

Obese_Flickr_Marjan Lazarevski

In this guest blog, focusing on research published today in BMC Public Health, Gerald Denis explains more about the issues of obesity among the working population, and how ‘healthy obese’ individuals can help understand those who are ‘metabolically obese’ but normal weight.