Monthly Archives: January 2012

BMC-series journals on track for Impact Factor

BMC Biophysics, BMC Ecology and BMC Endocrine Disorders have all recently been accepted for indexing by Thomson Reuters and are on course to receive their first Impact Factors. We are delighted that these journals have been selected for indexing, joining the many other journals in the BMC series  to have an Impact Factor. BMC Endocrine… Read more »


Bacterial symbionts – the key to fighting pests and diseases?

Arthropods such as insects can be devastatingly efficient pests and disease vectors, posing significant challenges to the agricultural and medical communities. Pesticides used to be a common solution to dealing with pests but, with more stringent environmental regulations on pesticides and increasing pest resistance to the chemicals, new solutions are required. Many arthropods have evolved… Read more »


BMC Ecology starts 2012 on a high!

The year 2011 was a successful one for BMC Ecology and 2012 is off to an excellent start with the news that the journal has been accepted for tracking by Thomson Reuters and will receive its first Impact Factor in 2015. We are delighted with this result as it reflects the growth and increased visibility… Read more »