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It’s not just about nutrients – the Journal of Ethnic Foods now open for submissions


Food studies provide better insights into important societal processes involving economics, health, politics, history, and the environment. The Journal of Ethnic Foods, published by BMC as of January 2019 and supported by the Korean Food Research Institute, pursues an interdisciplinary paradigm including insights from cultural anthropology, population health, biology, history, ecology and geography. We talk about the journal with the Editor-in-Chief Dr. Dae Young Kwon.

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How people try (but fail) to spot a lie


Can you tell when someone is lying? What clues are you looking for that might give them away? At this year’s SpotOn event in London, Chris Street presented an interactive demonstration of just how difficult it is to spot lies and how the obvious visual clues we might associate with lying, simply don’t exist.


I Heart Research: We speak to the winner of last year’s ‘Research in progress’ photo competition


Visualizing proteins involved in cell regulation in breast cancer tumors is an important step towards understanding and fighting the most widely diagnosed cancer in women. Sarah Boyle’s winning photo from last year’s ‘Research in progress’ photo competition captures the active form of a protein that increases as cells start to become invasive. In this Q&A we speak to her about her research, what winning the competition meant, and advice for this year’s entrants.


We challenge you to reuse Additional Files (a.k.a. Supplementary Information)


Since our open-access portfolio in BMC and SpringerOpen started collaborating with Figshare, Additional Files and Supplementary Information have been deposited in journal-specific Figshare repositories, and files available for the Journal of Cheminformatics alone have been viewed more than ten thousand times. Yet what is the best way to make the most of this data and reuse the files? Journal of Cheminformatics challenges you to think about just that with their new upcoming special issue.

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