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Contributing to open science – a computational biologist’s perspective


The landscape of how we communicate science is changing rapidly. Microbiome prizewinner, Dr Jacqueline Meisel attended the week long FORCE 11 Scholarly Communications Institute this summer to learn more about reproducibility, pre and post publication peer review and open data visualization. Her aim was to discover what practices she needed to implement in her own research in order to contribute to open science.

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Patient peer review in academic journals: Next steps in the journey

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For science to be truly open, research must go beyond simply being available to all, and actively engage the patients and the public who both fund and benefit from it. In this blog marking Peer Review Week, Ella Flemyng, Journal Development Manager for BMC’s applied-methodology journals, tells us about the novel structure of the co-produced Research Involvement and Engagement, highlighting recent developments for patient peer review and discussing what the future might hold for patient involvement in academic journals.

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