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Each year the BioMed Central Research Awards recognize the best freely available open access research published within our journals. The awards acknowledge research excellence across all fields of biology and medicine and include an Open Data award, (sponsored by LabArchives) for its contribution to data sharing initiatives, and a Case Report award for the most significant contribution to clinical knowledge in its field.

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The best articles, in terms of quality of research, interest and impact, for ten subject-specific category awards, were chosen from all research published by BioMed Central during 2013 by an expert panel of scientists and clinicians.

This year’s winning articles can be found here and cover a range of topics including how songbirds translate neural impulses into sounds, to a molecular understanding of the pathways through which temperature impacts on grain yield in plants. Two of the winning research teams make use of new approaches in the field of cancer research which provide insights into the pathophysiology of human cancer cells and a novel diagnostic approach for prostate cancer. Judges also recognized research reporting the use of urine-based biomarkers to accurately detect calcium-deficiency, as well the effects of breast-feeding on reducing vaccination pain in new-born infants.


“I have enjoyed acting as a judge for these awards. The standard of the category-winning articles is very high”

Persephone Barrows; Microbiology, Immunology, Infection and Inflammation award judge.
Location of song system components in the male zebra finch

The winner of the Open Data category is an article reporting on the Assemblathon2 challenge, developed as an offshoot of the Genome10K (10,000 vertebrate genomes) Project. All data behind was open and citeable via DOIs. The winner for the Case Report of the Year category, brings with it some lessons for modern life, highlighting the possible hazards of more contemporary hobbies, in this case video-gaming.

We hope you enjoy browsing the selection of articles chosen by our judges. They will also be featured throughout this year in our online magazine Biome. A single article chosen from these ten category award winners will be announced as the overall BioMed Central Research Award, sponsored by antibodies-online, at a ceremony to be held later this year. Watch this space!

Elizabeth Moylan, Jigisha Patel, Amye Kenall, Daniel Shanahan


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