Computer Aid update

So far we have reached 20% of our target for Computer Aid International’s Kenyatta University Programme. BioMed Central’s employees have been busy fundraising through monthly coffee mornings, skydiving, a pub quiz and a live music gig.

Our four editorial members, Ruth, Joe, Helen and Matt (pictured) continue to train in preparation for their cycle around Chile in September to promote the charity and raise more money for our project. Recently they held a Chilean wine-tasting evening where we sampled many of Chile’s best wines and learnt a lot about the country’s famous wine regions.

You can help us raise our target of £10,000 by making a donation via our fundraising page at By contributing to this cause you will be helping to improve education and access to valuable research in one of the poorest parts of Africa.

Also, if you’re in the UK and have some old PCs lying around at home, why not consider donating them to Computer Aid? The charity aims to send out an average of 2,300 PCs per month so to achieve this target they need approximately 2,800 PCs incoming each month. If you think you can help, please visit Computer Aid International

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