Vas Dev and Sylvie Manguin

Dr. Vas Dev retired as senior scientist from the National Institute of Malaria Research, New Delhi – an apex organization of the Indian Council of Medical Research. He was the officer-in-charge of the Field Station based in Assam, northeast India beginning 1988 till his superannuation in 2016. His primary research interests included ‘Epidemiology and Control of Malaria’ testing newer interventions that culminated in number of technologies and implementation in the control programme resulting in substantial transmission reduction.

Prof. Sylvie Manguin is affiliated with HydroSciences Montpellier research unit (HSM) at the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD), Montpellier, France, and contributed significantly on the subject. Her main interest concerns mosquitoes and vector-borne diseases with a special focus on malaria and its vectors. She developed research programs on Anopheles mosquitoes spread across three continents including Asia, Africa, and Americas, mainly on molecular species identification, population genetics, vectorial capacities, spatial surveillance, and vector control approaches.