Rob Walton

Rob Walton is the Principal of Cello Health Public Affairs, a division of Cello Health Communications. He has over 20 years of experience in healthcare and pharmaceutical policy having held a number of senior international roles in the pharmaceutical industry in the USA and Europe. Rob has developed a particular expertise in innovative finance of health systems and was a founding member of the “Cox Group” established in 2006 by former President of the EU Parliament, Pat Cox with the endorsement of the Luxembourg Ministry of Health and SITRA, the Finnish Innovation Fund. He has been developing the healthcare bond concept outlined in this post article since 2008. Rob has an in-depth knowledge of public health policy pertaining to infectious diseases like viral hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. Graduating as a bachelor of laws from the University of Staffordshire in 1990 Rob was granted a Master’s in Public Administration from the School of International Public Affairs at Columbia University in the New York City in 2007.